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Doberman Pinscher Information


Often considered to be one of the most athletic and elegant of all the dogs, the Doberman Pinscher is a picture of power and grace. They have a long, straight muzzle and a narrow skull. The ears may be cropped or left natural, as is the tail. If left uncropped the tail and ears are almost hound-like in appearance. The legs are long and relatively slender and perfectly straight. The body is solid yet very graceful and powerful, with a wide, deep chest and a strong hind quarters. The feet are very round and compact like a cats, and the toes tend to arch up somewhat.

The coat of the Doberman is very short and harsh to the touch. The coat can be any variety of colors including the traditional black and tan, black, red, fawn and white or blue-gray. In some Clubs white markings are allowed while in others they are not.


The breed is not at all aggressive or vicious as described in popular literature and myth. In reality the Doberman Pinscher is an excellent family dog when properly trained and socialized. They can become aggressive if mistreated or not socialized, but this is no different than any other breed. They are very protective naturally, but are gentle and loving towards those that they know. The breed is easy to train but does require consistent and firm training. Some males tend to try to become dominant in the family, but consistency and firmness will prevent this from happening. If they are raised with other dogs and pets they are excellent companion dogs. Adult males are more aggressive towards other dogs than neutered males or females, but both genders can be very aggressive when defending their home or families. A Doberman is not a good breed for a family that has little time to spend with their pet. The breed loves to be in the house with the family, and requires constant interactions and challenges. They love to please and are easily trained using a positive reward system. Some poorly socialized Dobermans can become very timid and fearful so it is important to keep working with them and taking them into new situations. 

Grooming & Shedding

The very short coat is easy to keep with a twice weekly rub down with a grooming cloth, grooming mitt or a slicker brush. They are naturally very clean dogs that don't require frequent bathing, just a wipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed to remove any dust or debris in the coat.  They do shed an average amount throughout the year.


Originally developed by a German tax collector, Louis Dobermann, in the 1860's for protection, the Doberman is a mixture of the Rottweiler, Greyhound, English Greyhound and German Pinscher breeds. The breed was first shown in dog exhibition in 1876 and has steadily increased in popularity since. Doberman Pinschers were used in World War 1 and World War II as war dogs, they have also been used as police dogs, rescue dogs and therapy dogs. Currently they are used as companion, watchdogs and guard dogs as well as with police and military forces.

Health Issues

  • Major Concerns: CVI (wobbler's syndrome), cardiomyopathy (heart)
  • Minor Concerns: von Willebrand's disease (vWD), bloat (gastric torsion), epilepsy, hip dysplasia, narcolepsy, osteosarcoma
  • Occasionally seen: albinism, (deafness, blindness)
  • Suggested tests: DNA, hip, cardiac



 24-28 inches (61-71 cm)


 66-88 pounds (30-40 kg)


 13 years


Medium to high


Yes – with frequent, regular walks



Young Children

Yes – with supervision

Need exercise space

Yes – must be protected from exposure to cold weather

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