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Manchester Terrier Information


This athletic and powerful looking small dog closely resembles a Doberman Pinscher, but on a much smaller scale. There are actually two sizes of Manchester Terriers, the standard and the toy. The only different is the ears and the size. Standards may have cropped ears, folded over or naturally erect, but with the toy variety the ears must be naturally erect. The nose and eyes are very dark in color and they eyes are very intelligent looking. The terrier was originally called the Black and Tan because this is the only color variation that is acceptable. The coat is very short and sleek all over the body. The tail is long and comes to a definite point at the end. While looking strong and powerful, the dog also shows some of the racing body style inherited from its Whippet ancestory.


A true terrier, the Manchester has a strong prey instinct and may be highly aggressive towards other dogs. They love to be with people and tend to become destructive with barking, digging and chewing when left alone. The breed is naturally very intelligent and loves to learn and be challenged. They can be somewhat independent and stubborn through their teenage years but firm training and extra care in socialization can prevent many problems. The Manchester Terrier will stay very close to people in the family, especially bonding with one or two members of the family. They are generally good with older children but tend to be a bit headstrong and snappy for younger children that may handle them roughly or tease them. The Manchester Terrier will chase smaller animals and is not recommended for houses with non-canine pets including cats. Some breeders report that raising the Manchester from a puppy with other pets will make them more social and trustworthy around other animals.

Grooming & Shedding

Both sizes of Manchester Terriers are light shedders but the toy sheds less overall. The very sleek and short coat is easy to care for with a grooming glove or a soft bristle brush. They do need constant attention to keep ears clean and free from wax build-up to prevent infections. The breed is naturally very clean and should only be bathed when necessary.


Originally bred from the Black and Tan terrier and the Whippet, the dog was developed by John Hulme of Manchester, England. At that time, in the early 1800's, rat killing competitions were popular for sport and the breed was developed both for a competition dog and to kill rodents that were overrunning the farms and cities. In the 1880's a growing trend to "miniaturize" breeds hit the Manchester, then called the Black and Tan, and  the toy breed was developed. Early toy Manchester Terriers were often very unhealthy and little care was given to selective breeding for health and wellness. The toy version seen today is much more selectively bred and is also larger than the first toy Manchester Terriers bred.

Health Issues

  • Major Concerns: lens luxation
  • Minor Concerns: von Willebrand's Disease (bleeding), Legg-Perthe
  • Occasionally seen: epilepsy, skin irritation and injury
  • Suggested tests: DNA, eye




Toy:10-12 inches (25-30cm)

Standard: Height 15-16 inches (39-40cm)


Toy: 6-8 pounds (2.5-3.5kg)

Standard: 17- 18 pounds (7.7-8kg)


14-16 years




Yes – with frequent, long walks and runs



Young Children


Need exercise space

No – long runs and walks required

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